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com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context when calling ExportTiles from Android

Question asked by ihazbackup on Nov 12, 2018



This is a follow-up to my previous thread ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context when doing exportTile from Android and I feel that it's better to create a new thread than reviving the 1-year old one


The same problem (exception) occured when I try to export a tilemap. I am using the same guide as written in Export Tiles—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android | ArcGIS for Developers using World_Street_Map (MapServer) as the tileURL and the exception occurs at 


 ExportTileCacheParameters parameters = parametersFuture.get();

I believe the tile URL has its own ExportTiles method and should be callable. I am using ArcGIS SDK version 100.1.0


EDIT: I have tested with the sample server shown in the example

and it fails in estimating the file size 


and the result is null. The funny thing is that the scale of the exported map is only from 1000.0 - 15000.0, which is relatively small. I do not know whether there is stricter requirement in file size for the sample server.


The example parameters that I sent to server:

- extent = Envelope: [962596,534387, 6423288,990388, 964188,599363, 6424452,082300], [0,000000, 0,000000], [NaN, NaN]

- url = World_Street_Map (MapServer) 

- Scale = 1000.0 - 15000.0


Thank you for any help