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Clarification on installing development tools

Question asked by franklin.alexander on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by ESoekianto-esristaff

According to ESRI documentation:


If you want to make stand-alone apps on your development machine, you need vendor-specific development tools installed in addition to AppStudio for ArcGIS



The installation of development tools is not required for all AppStudio users. Most users can create app installation files using cloud Make. Creating app installation files with local Make(and hence the need to install development tools) is only required under the following circumstances:

  • Organizational requirements prohibit you from using the ArcGIS Cloud Make service.
  • You want to customize the installer that is created for your app.
  • You want to add custom C++ modules to your app.

This is a little misleading to me. Do you need to install development tools, ie Visual Studio, in order to extend, or create apps using ArcGIS App Studio Desktop on a local machine? Also, if I wish to create an app on my local machine, do I have to use Local Make, or is Cloud Make still an option?  


Thanks in advance to any clarification!!