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Pass URL Parameters When Linking to Map Journal Section

Question asked by kingstonarcgisadmin on Nov 5, 2018
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Every section, of my Map Journal story map, with the exception of the first one, is a Web AppBuilder app. I'd like to link to those sections, but at the same time pass in a parameter to the respective app url (either to find an address or x/y). Essentially what I'm after is establishing a location - address or extent - at the start of the story map and maintaining that same location throughout the subsequent sections, but I need to use WAB apps, not web maps. Similar to the other question I posted today I've been told it's not possible out of the box, but wasn't sure if it could be/has been achieved via customization.





PS: Apologies for impersonally posting under our admin account - it's showing me as logged in under my personal account at the top of the screen...


Chris Taylor

City of Kingston, Ontario