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Problem with results Survey123 inside ArcGIS Online

Question asked by lzwartje on Nov 3, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

I have a question related to Survey123 and ArcGIS Online.


I made a survey whereby one of the questions is 'Relevant voor leerstofonderdeel' (relevant for subject).

Therefore I choose inside Survey123 for a Single choice question (as only 1 answer allowed). 
See screenshot how it looked like in developing on the web.

screenshot of developing the question on the web.


When answering the question - as well in the app as on the computer the choices I made are maintained - I can see them and choose the one I want.


Bit when I look in ArcGIS Online there is a problem.

I choose for visualisation of the points that are added via the survey having each their own colour - and also in the legend it is visible, but when I click in the map on a point instead of the name of the choice I see 'Choice 2' - see screenshot or try for yourself on the map:

inside ArcGIS online when clicking on a dot it doesn't show the names I gave for 'relevant voor leerstofonderdeel'

Also when I want to filter on 'relevant voor leerstofonderdeel' it shows only a list with 'choice 1' up to 'choice 11' instead of the names I entered (like 'bevolking', 'geopolitiek') - see screenshot.

Also when filtering the same problem occurs

Anyone an idea how to resolve this?