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Collector for ArcGIS: Error in synchronizing; operation rolled back

Question asked by azaleakamellia on Oct 30, 2018

As mentioned above, I am having problem with trying to synchronize my data that was collected offline back into AGOL. The error that I received is as shown in the screenshot below: 


My mobile device operating system is the latest Android and I am using the latest Collector for ArcGIS. The feature service has two layers; point layer and polygon layer. Everything seems to be working alright except for the synchronization of the offline data back to the AGOL server. 


May I know what is the cause of the issue and how to resolve this problem? 


And I believe that the application does crash a little to consistently while I was collecting data; offline or offline. Is there any issue that I am not aware of?


Android version: 7.0, kernel version 3.18.14-13041686

Collector for ArcGIS version 18.0.2, build 1032



Any input is very much appreciated!