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Unable to make "navigate map journal sections using main stage map" customization work. 

Question asked by WTTSCS on Oct 29, 2018
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My intent was to create a map journal with links from a main map to the sections of the journal, I'm pretty new to storymaps and javascript so I'm sure I made some mistakes.  I followed Cooper Thomas's tutorial - .   I have used a map with a singe feature layer to navigate to a few sections in the sidebar in the map journal.  When run on local test server it doesn't navigate to the section.  Here is the custom-scripts.js file- (copied from the tutorial)

define(["dojo/topic"], function(topic) {
* Custom Javascript to be executed while the application is initializing goes here
// The application is ready
topic.subscribe("tpl-ready", function(){
* Custom Javascript to be executed when the application is ready goes here
var WEBMAP_ID = "11a773702bd14ab2a2a78ea25ad00536",
LAYER_ID = "csv_755";
var clickHandlerIsSetup = false;
topic.subscribe("story-loaded-map", function(result){
if ( == WEBMAP_ID && ! clickHandlerIsSetup ) {
var map = app.maps[],
layer = map.getLayer(LAYER_ID);
if ( layer ) {
layer.on("click", function(e){
var index = e.graphic.attributes["StoryIndex"];
topic.publish("story-navigate-section", index);

 the appid is - dffdedb3027143c5b9394bb7881d201

Is there a problem with the layer?  I uploaded a csv file to create the layer in the online mapviewer.


Thank you

Craig Smith