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Existing ArcGIS Server URL redirects to Server Setup Wizard

Question asked by abdullah.saleh on Oct 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by patel1684

Hello There,


We have been using this ArcGIS Server for years. Now, when i restarted windows server hosting ArcGIS Server, the URL unexpectedly took me to ArcGIS Server setup wizard.

Before restarting the server i successfully updated arcgiscache, arcgisjobs, arcgisoutput & arcgissystem directories location. Using ArcGIS manager i updated these directories from one network location to another.


Below are content of two ArcGIS Server logs


<Msg time="2018-10-28T08:11:49,463" type="WARNING" code="9026" source="Rest" process="4636" 
thread="13" methodName="" machine="ABC1.XYZ.LOCAL" user="" elapsed="">ArcGIS Server Site is not
initialized. Error creating object to be cached:

<Msg time="2018-10-28T08:11:49,465" type="SEVERE" code="9003" source="Rest" process="4636" thread="13"
methodName="" machine="ABC1.XYZ.LOCAL" user="" elapsed="">Unable to process request. ArcGIS Server
Site is not configured. Check with your ArcGIS Server administrator for resolution;
an ArcGIS Server site is created or machines are added to an existing site using ArcGIS Server Manager.


<Msg time="2018-10-25T16:04:34,256" type="SEVERE" code="6649" source="Admin" process="3492" thread="1"
methodName="" machine="ABC1.XYZ.LOCAL" user="" elapsed="">Unexpected error while cleaning
arcgisjobs server directory. String index out of range: -1</Msg>



Kindly suggest.



Windows Server 2012 R2

ArcGIS Server 10.2 : Federated



Thanks for all support

- AS