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Polygon feature layer not rendering properly in Chrome 70 version

Question asked by osri77esri on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by sgould@CO.WELD.CO.US_weldgov

We are currently using ArcGis JavaScript API version 3.18 in one of the web portals that we have customized.

The layers in the file got rendered properly in the google chrome versions 69 and below.

Two days back we have updated the Google chrome to version 70 and from that time the feature layers are not getting rendered properly when we zoom in.

When we zoom in to the layers to a lower scale the layer features gets rendered at a different location and when we pan in the map viewer it gets displayed to correct position.

This seems to be happening to the feature layers with bigger polygons. The lines feature layers seem to be rendering fine.

We are using ArcGIS server 10.4

This issue does not occur in the IE version 11.1593.14393.0


Have any one encountered this issue of late? What is the possible solution?