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LayerList widget only one layer visible within one group at a time

Question asked by wmakari on Oct 24, 2018
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Dear all,


I would like to make a small change in the web app builder dev edition LayerList widget in order to have only one layer visible within a group in a map service that I have published. For example if I have a group with 3 sublayers (sub layer 1, sub layer 2 and sub layer 3). If a user makes one sub layer visible then all the other sublayers should automatically become invisible i.e. unchecked


I think that I need to make the change in _onCkSelectNodeClick function in the LayerListView.js file. The function takes in the layerInfo object of the checked layer but I can't see a way I can access the other 2 sublayers to make them invisible if they are already visible. Any pointers will be much appreciated.