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Nested Repeats - Retrieval from Inbox

Question asked by rorykb on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by claire.inbody



I have a repeat question in a qc plot survey.  For some reason when i open the survey from the inbox, outbox or draft folders the data from the first question is always lost.


I have been testing this with the bare minimum questions and it still seems to be a problem.  Being able to access the original data for updating is a key requirement and the repeat question is a tidy way of capturing this information


Is this part of the bug mentioned in previous posts or am I not constructing  the query correctly in the bind::esri:parameters column?


I have attached a copy of the survey.


We are using Survey 123 connect Version 3.0.142 and app version 3.0.149, i have tested this on ios, android and survey 123 for desktop.


Thanks in advance.