High available ArcGIS Server config-store on AWS DynamoDB

Discussion created by ALGISADM@_ on Oct 24, 2018
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We are deploying an ArcGIS 10.5.1 Windows Enterprise setup to AWS and need to configure a highly available ArcGIS Server with a shared configuration store on AWS storage services, following the steps described in the link below.


Following these steps, we got stuck on step 11. No content was created in the S3 bucket.


We did create an AWS S3 bucket but no AWS DynamoDb instance. 


Basically we need to know which steps to follow to place the ArcGIS Server config store manually on AWS S3 / DynamoDB.


  • Do we have to create the dynamodb table ourselves or is it done by the software?
  • If we have to create it, what is the primary key and all the other attributes that we need to create?


We can't  make use of existing ESRI AWS AMI's, because of internal security policies, and want to do the installation manually instead of using Chef cookbooks.


Thx in advance!