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Journal help - 852 images disappeared!

Question asked by Abramrae on Oct 19, 2018
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Desperately need help!


So I have 426 postcards that have front and back images that are organized into folders on my computer by decades.  I built a Story Map Journal, added all the photos to separate albums one decade at a time to Flickr, then on to the Journal.  The problem is these historical postcards are not all mine and while I have permission to put them into the map and share publicly there, I didn't want them floating out there on Flickr because people were already liking/sharing my photos since they had to be public to connect to the Story Map.  So I deleted the photos from Flickr and didn't know that was a problem (thought they were saved to my map!) and they just randomly disappeared a couple weeks after I deleted them from Flickr. 


So how do I redo this map faster?  I'm on a serious dissertation deadline!
Can I add multiple images at once somehow? 
How do I make sure I can share the map (once it's done) publicly, but not beforehand?
Is the volume of these postcard images (852) a problem?  I belong to my university's AGO and have extra credits, but honestly I don't know what that means here!


TIA for ANY help!