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How to return a blank from IF THEN statement in hidden field?

Question asked by cjs041 on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by cjs041

I am using an IF THEN statement in the calculation column of a hidden field. If the user answers 'no' to the question then 'N/A' is returned. If the user answers 'yes' then nothing is returned, which I have designated by using ''. Here's the statement:  if(${BM_1}='no', 'N/A', ''). It's important that the blank field is returned as blank on the printed report. However, it is being returned as "undefined" instead. I want this field to remain hidden in the survey itself. If the field is not hidden in the survey, a blank is returned on the printed report. If the field is hidden, it returns "undefined". This is how I want it set up:

I have attached the spreadsheet and Word template. There are 11 questions which will be formatted this way, starting at line 30. It's kind of a mess, because I've been playing around with various ways to try to get this to work.


Is there a way around this issue?