How to get SchematicInMemoryFeatureClass with java api ?

Discussion created by joshua1830 on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2011 by joshua1830
i want to edit schemtaic diagram,including add or delete feature of node and link .first i have to get SchematicInMemoryFeatureClass from SchematicInMemoryDiagram.but the problem is that i can not
do it with java api.the code as show :
ISchematicLayer schematicLry = (ISchematicLayer) hookHelper
schematicLry.startEditSchematicDiagram(false);    ISchematicInMemoryDiagram inMemoryDiagram = schematicLry
// ISchematicInMemoryFeatureClassContainer sifcc =(ISchematicInMemoryFeatureClassContainer) inMemoryDiagram;
SchematicInMemoryDiagram sifcc = new SchematicInMemoryDiagram(inMemoryDiagram);
   ISchematicInMemoryFeatureClassContainer sifcc1 = new ISchematicInMemoryFeatureClassContainerProxy(
   IEnumSchematicInMemoryFeatureClass enumInMemoryFC = sifcc
   int count = enumInMemoryFC.getCount();
   int count1 = enumInMemoryFC.getCount();
   ISchematicInMemoryFeatureClass schInMrmoryFeatureClass =;
the blod font  is the different use ,the count = enumInMemoryFC.getCount(); cont =4,but the schInMrmoryFeatureClass =null, i can not get schInMrmoryFeatureClass , why ?