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Something is wrong with the scale...

Question asked by aj191008 on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by aj191008

Hello, I downloaded the ArcGIS for Creative Cloud last week at school to test it out. As a design student, I'm glad it exists! I'm working on an urban analysis and I had to print this map that I've built online with data from this source.


So, my goal was to import the data from my web map in Illustrator, play with colours and line weights and then print it at 1:10 000. When I did print the map, I realized that it wasn't at 1:10 000. It was way bigger. I thought I made some kind of mistake when I imported the data. The next day, I ran another import to create a new file. I made sure the scale was at 1:10 000 when I imported. The same thing happened, the map was a lot bigger than expected. 2,54 times bigger. I manually scaled down to roughly 1:10000 and printed my map.


I made sure the Creative Cloud apps are up to date as well as the extension. I'm working on an iMac 2011 running El Cap 10.11.6.


Anybody has an idea of how to have the right scale in Illustrator? Did I miss something?