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How do I "Summarize Within" to quantify different kinds of land cover??

Question asked by mmisia on Oct 7, 2018
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Please help! I have two layers in a map. One of which is a shape file for a habitat range for a gibbon, and the other is a map that shows tree cover loss from 2000-2015. All I would like to do is quantify which percentage of the gibbon's range has experienced heavy tree cover loss. I went to "Summarize Data," then "Summarize Within," then I chose my shapefile as the shape that I want to be summarized within, then I not given an option to explore the features of my tree cover loss map. Instead, I am made to choose from a list of Living Atlas Analyzer Layers, so I pick the appropriate one, which is China. Yet all I get results for is the area of the polygon. I'm sure what I want to do is a really easy task but I have no idea how to do it. I've never worked with anything GIS related in my life. Any feedback is very deeply appreciated. Thank you!!!!!


This is the map: