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Discussion created by miguelf88 on Oct 5, 2018
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Good morning all,


I am just hoping to get some of your experiences using Network Analyst. I work for a regional transit agency and right now do not have access to the Network Analyst Extension. One feature of Network Analyst I am particularly interested in is the creation of turn by turn directions for a route. Those are a vital piece of information at our agency and I find it difficult to obtain those from our operations department. If I was able to draw a route and generate the turn by turns myself, that would eliminate many headaches. I also like that you can create service areas using a network. I can do that work now in AGOL but it does consume credits and I have to export the service area out of AGOL to a shapefile and then load it into ArcGIS which is not the most streamlined workflow. I have never poked around with any of the other tools in the extension so I was wanting some examples of the possible work that could be done with the extension, if you wouldn't mind sharing.


Thanks and happy Friday!!