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WMTS Retrieval from Geoserver with .Net Runtime 100.1+

Question asked by brenockdeveloper on Oct 4, 2018
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WMTS Retrieval from Geoserver with .Net Runtime 100.1+



I have 2 questions and would really appreciate any help. We're using the .net runtime to render a map hosted by Geoserver in a WPF application.

We're able to use the following line from our xaml:

                <esri:WmtsLayer Source="" LayerId="workspace:layer"/> to retrieve the layers in PNG in Geoserver 2.11 and it loads just fine.


1) When we use Geoserver 2.13 we get nothing. Should we be using a different ArcGIS function to retrieve our map?

2) Whenever we pass a PreferredImageFormat PNG8 it still always retrieves PNG. Is there any reason why the runtime refuses to grab PNG8 from our Geoserver?


Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.