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Problem creating surveys, editing existing ones

Question asked by chrisjmb on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by chrisjmb

I'm having three problems in Survey123 Connect. First, I can't reliably create new surveys in Connect. When I create a new survey from file it loads the XLSform but when I return to Connect's list of surveys I don't see the new survey. However, that survey is in the folder "ArcGIS\My Survey Designs" but Connect can't seem to see it. 


I was able to create a survey using the "create a new survey" option from an existing survey, however it seems to create two surveys (both with the same name) but one is blank and neither of them are editable. When I open the survey the option to edit the survey isn't there. See below screen shot. 


Finally, I uninstalled Connect and reinstalled (after backing up My Survey Designs). I have number of surveys that I created prior to Connect having this problem. They're published as a feature service. When I log into ArcGIS  I have the option to download those surveys. When I download them and try to open them I get the prompt to download the survey, so I'm stuck in a download loop and can never open the survey. 


I've uninstalled and reinstalled Connect three times now and the same problem. Any help? FWIW, I tried the recommendation in this post Survey123 Connect no Excel option on new surveys but it didn't help.