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Cloud Make failing with U1052 NMAKE error

Question asked by heathjr on Oct 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by heathjr

AppStudio 3.1.134.


For some reason Cloud Make isn't working at all for me today, although it was working fine yesterday. I've also noticed the email notifications aren't coming as well, so I don't have any detailed information about the error other than what is shown in AppStudio.


Here's the workflow I'm following to replicate the issue currently:

  1. Created a new app from one of the templates (in my case Quick Report)
  2. Uploaded to AGOL
  3. Run Cloud Make -> Win x64 build
  4. Setting email notification level to Verbose
  5. Start the build
  6. After a minute or two the build will fail with the message: "NMAKE: fatal error U1052: file 'Makefile.Release' not found"
  7. Also noticed that no build notification emails are coming through.

I can't think of any notable changes that would've happened on my system since yesterday when cloud make was working. Wondering if this is an issue with the make service itself rather than something on my end.


Any suggestions welcome