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Part Duex - Unable to 'Display XY Data' and 'Make XY Event Layer' from csv file in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

Question asked by on Oct 2, 2018
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I am working with a csv file that has almost 7,400 records.  I was having trouble creating an XY event layer after bringing the csv file into ArcMap.  The x and y columns in the csv file were saved as numeric.  I made sure the field names had no spaces, and I replaced bad coordinate pairs from an earlier geocoding step with blank cells in the worksheet.  Every time I brought the file into ArcMap and attempted to plot the locations, the xy coordinate types were shown as text.  I tried the same import in Pro, same result.  I finally emailed the csv file to a co-worker (Outlook is the email client), and he was able to bring the csv into ArcMap and Pro, and create XY locations in each application.  He renamed the csv file (he did not perform a Save As), and emailed the file back to me.  I brought the file into Pro after setting up a basemap, and could create the xy feature class, and continue with my work.  I have no clue what or why this happened, or how an email step seemed to correct the problem.  Any thoughts?