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Map or Layer to KML produces empty or non-symbolized output

Question asked by desertsp on Sep 28, 2018

Running ArcGIS 10.4.1


I have a map consisting of simple attribute tables which are joined to shapefiles, and symbolized. Extremely straightforward.


When I attempt to export to KML/KMZ to share with non-ESRI users, I encounter problems despite the tool generating a "success" message. I was wondering if there's an in-depth list of issues/bugs which I could consult in order to get this to work. I've successfully used the Layer to KML and Map to KML tools before, so there's something about this particular map that's causing problems, and if I knew what that was, I could resolve it and rerun the export successfully.


Here are a few details regarding the map:

  • most layer names begin with a number and contain spaces and parentheses
  • symbol type is "Simple Line" (solid colors)
  • symbolization, for most of the layers, is by "unique values" by category
    • Categorized attributes are short text strings
    • All other values is disables or enabled, makes no difference
  • the data-source for each layer is a shapefile (polylines)
    • all layers use the same shapefile
  • the joined attribute tables are stored in an .xlsx file
    • each layer is joined with a different tab from the same Excel workbook
  • the map document includes bookmarks


I really can't think of anything "controversial" or "difficult"'s the general kind of map I've produced many times before.


A description of the problems:

These occur whether I run the Layer to KMZ against individual layers, or Map to KMZ against the .mxd. I have not taken the time to figure out which particular problem occurs when. Non-exhaustive.

  • KMZ files are produced, but they have a file-size of 1KB (empty)
  • KMZ files are produced, but the symbolization is missing (all lines are solid black)
  • KMZ files are produced and file-size is >1KB, but most individual layers have nothing inside


I really have no clue what could be going wrong. In every case the tool runs and generates a "success" message. I've done this many times before, with similar kinds of maps, and have never had these problems, which is why I thought there might be a list of known issues/bugs/limitations  which I could cross-check against my situation, and potentially make some simple changes to the map to enable the tools to function properly.


Thanks for any feedback!