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Export Topology Errors and Versioning

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Sep 25, 2018
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I have a stubborn issue to resolve: working on a versioned enterprise geodatabase I would like to use the Export Topology Errors in a stand alone script.  The topology itself is base upon an intermediate version, once removed from sde.default.  When I traverse my connection to the EGDB in ArcCatalog, I am connected to that intermediate.  However, what I have discovered has me baffled.


When I run the Export Topology Errors as a tool, and drag the database connection that is to the intermediate version, I don't get any errors exported.  When I run the tool as a command from a Python window in ArcCatalog (after verifying what version I'm working with as described in Workspace properties—Help | ArcGIS Desktop ) no errors get exported.  Finally, in a stand alone script, using the connection described here in, no errors are exported.  What is interesting is in the stand alone script, it shows that I'm connected to sde.default.


Given that the topology is based on the intermediate version, it appears to me that Export Topology Errors looks for errors based on sde.default, and there aren't any errors in sde.default.  That's the point: we correct errors first and then reconcile and post to sde.default.


How do I convince Export Topology Errors to give me the errors we know we have in the intermediate version?