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Is there a way to create cascading selects without writing out every possibility?

Question asked by on Sep 21, 2018
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Is there a way in Survey123 to simplify cascading selects so that you don't have to write out every single possibility when creating choices lists to use in the choice_filter? 


For example, I want a user to select a number (1-6), and if they select 6, they must choose one of 3 options in Question 2 ('cool colors', 'warm colors', or 'only purple') which further filters their choices in Question 3. Question 3, "Pick a Color" is dependent on both the answers given in Question 1 ("Select a number") and the answers given in Question 2. I want my choice list to look like the following (see red box in following image), where the blank cells have some sort of value or formula in them that specifies that for those cells, the value can be blank or can be anything.



However, currently that doesn't work and I have to write out every single possibility in the choice list. This option is mistake prone but also gets really complicated and hard to check for errors when you have really long lists and have say 4 fields determining the choices given in a question and not just 2 fields.


I did find one work around show in the image below, but it is less than ideal because you have to ask the user Question 2 for every answer to Question 1, not just for '6' which is the answer which denotes the need for Question 2.



Does anyone have any ideas? I've attached my example Survey123 Excel form for reference.






Ismael Chivite Cesar Garrido Lecca Rivera