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Exporting AGOL hosted feature layer to shapefile appears to fail

Question asked by jasmith_USGS on Sep 18, 2018
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I have a couple hosted feature layers in AGOL that I am trying to export.  The issue is that the "status" endpoint <agol URL>/items/<itemid>/status) sometimes returns


for certain items, when in actuality the export is completed successfully.  


This seems to happen whether the user tries the export using the AGOL user interface, or whether the export is attempted using the REST API.  From the user interface, after you complete the fields in the "Export to Shapefile" Popup and click the "Export" button, the text "Exporting...." appears in the popup, but then goes away and the popup remains on the screen.  Watching the above steps in the browser's network activity console, you can see that the status endpoint has incorrectly returned the above error.  However, when you close the popup and go to your "My Content" section, the shapefile is actually there.


So this appears to be some sort of issue with the /status endpoint returning "failed" even when the export shapefile is successfully created.  I'm not sure why this only happens with certain hosted feature layers.  Any advice from ESRI?