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Why fields in feature layer pop-up are blank when editing in Map Viewer?

Question asked by mingswpp on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by bobsteiss

I'm editing the attributes of a point feature layer through Map Viewer. When I click on the feature to view the pop-up, all the information displays, but when I click on Edit, a few of the attributes disappear. Some have valid values configured, so there is a drop-down arrow with values that I can select. Other fields without a drop-down option, I have to open another window to see what information I need to change since the field in the edit window is blank. Anyone know why that is happening?


The feature layer was published to ArcGIS  via ArcGIS Pro. The points and the data were originally generated in Pro using XY data from an Excel table. 


Pop-up of feature in ArcGIS  Map ViewerEdit window in Map Viewer of same feature. Some fields are empty.

Thank you.