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Creating an ArcMap button to update field value only for selected feature(s).

Question asked by dcakalic on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by rfairhur24
I'm looking for a way to have 3-4 buttons on an ArcMap toolbar, each changing a specific field TO a specific value, only for features that are currently selected.
We have several feature classes, all have the field STATUS.
Acceptable values for the STATUS field are: New, Existing, Deleted, Modified
I'd like to be able to select a feature, then quickly press a pre-defined button on the toolbar to update that STATUS field only for the currently selected feature.
This would save the time of entering the attribute window, selecting that field, and either typing or selecting the value from a list (if setup with domain.) 
Currently I'm having trouble just finding some python code snippets that will let me do the basics (change the field value 'Status' for a selected feature.)