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arcgis runtime app crashes after loading local Elevation

Question asked by peterchen2001 on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by peterchen2001

Hi experts,


I am using arcgis runtime .net 100.2.1. My WPF application with arcgis runtime crashes frequrently after loading my local elevation file. the crash happens when zooming in/out, or rotating the scene, is this a known issue and any ideas to avoid the crash?


below is my main steps to create the scene:

1,load the local slpk

Uri treespk = new System.Uri(slpkPath);
var sceneLayer = new ArcGISSceneLayer();
// add the scene layer to the scene
sceneLayer.Source = treespk;

2,load the local elevation file with "tif" suffix.

var elevationSource = new RasterElevationSource(myFiles);

// Add elevationSource to BaseSurface's ElevationSources