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Result of FeatureTable.QueryFeaturesAsync does not contain features that are in the HTTP response

Question asked by sbates_Latitudegeo on Sep 12, 2018
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I'm calling

ServiceFeatureTable.QueryFeaturesAsync(parameters, queryFeatureFields, cancellationToken)

on a feature service table, with the where clause set to GUIDFIELD='value'. The resulting FeatureQueryResult contains a field collection but does not contain any features.


However, I can see from monitoring the web requests via Fiddler that the HTTP response to the request contains two feature results. Presumably these are not being parsed by the ArcGISRuntime for some reason which is why they aren't in the FeatureQueryResult object.


Has anyone else experienced this or know of a possible workaround? The JSON response is attached (with personal details scrubbed out).


Edit: It seems that if I set the where clause to "1=1" instead of the above statement, then the FeatureQueryResult does contain features. "OBJECTID='1'" also works. So bizarrely it seems like the function only doesn't work when the where clause is matching a field value on an esriFieldTypeGUID field.