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arcpro 3d spatial license manager

Question asked by ethosvic on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by ethosvic

Fairly new to esri products but have a very small deployment with mixture of named user and network license manager installations. We use ArcMap and recently added Arcpro.


We just purchased the 3D Analyst extension for ArcGIS Desktop and I've provisioned a license for ArcMap and attached it to our network license manager and that's working well. I can see a workstation consume the 3d Analyst license whenever a user enables that feature in ArcMap and the features become available once enabled in the interface.

I just can't figure out how to get that working for ArcPro!


When I start an ArcPro instance that's configured to use the network license manager it doesn't consume the 3D Analyst license. And the features in the ArcPro application that are supposed to be enabled by 3D Analyst stay greyed out/disabled.


Info I've read here seems to suggest there is just once license that will enable 3D Analyst in both ArcMap and ArcPro.

I thought maybe it could be a second type of license I have to add to license manager to supply 3D Analyst specifically to ArcPro but my license portal shows no more authorisations available.

I'm using the latest license manager software on Windows.


Can anyone tell me what I am missing or have wrong in my setup please?