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How to delete a point but keep its attribute table data?

Question asked by TCEQ_ChristopherSchrader on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by dkwiens

I am posting this question here because I'm not sure where else to post it. If this is the wrong place, my apologies.


I have a feature class with around 16,000 points. There are 57 points that are associated with outdated locations. What they want me to do is disable those 57 points from drawing geometry on a map, but keep them in the attribute table. They want to keep the data in the table so that they can refer back to the missing points, but they don’t want the points to display anywhere on a map since their true locations are unknown. I need to do this in the actual feature class and not a map file. Any ideas on how to do this?


I tried to follow these directions, but I wasn’t successful.


Any help would be much appreciated!