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Overwrite Output Error 999999

Question asked by JacobHorwitz on Sep 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by JacobHorwitz

(Edit: I shortened the script as a big portion of it wasn't part of the main problem.)


I'm working on a script to re-project shapefiles from a selected shapefile with a different projection. While the execution of the tool works, it fails when overwriting the same file regardless of adding in arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True.


Here is the script used:

if srcDesc.SpatialReference.Name == targetDesc.SpatialReference.Name:

#Shapefiles in the targeted folder that don't match will reprojected to the selected shapefile.


#Replaces the TargetFolder's ".shp" at the end  of the end of the name with "_projected."

ReprojectedData = InFolder.replace(".shp", "_projected")

#Tool re-projects the datasets that doesn't match the spatial reference of the targeted shapefile.

arcpy.Project_management(InFolder, ReprojectedData, InFile)

#Displays a message of success of the projected datasets.print "Projected " + str(InFolder)
arcpy.AddMessage("Projected " + str(InFolder))



Is there a different way of using an overwrite output for a script such as this?