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ArcGIS Runtime SDK .Net ServiceFeatureTable technical issue

Question asked by Maxguo on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by m.glasesri-de-esridist

Currently our team is encountering a technical issue which occurs by using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK .Net.

Based on our experience, In ArcGIS Runtime SDK, Esir.ArcGISRuntime.Data, ServiceFeatureTable Class; the AddFeatureAsync() method would add the new features to the ServiceFeatureTable locally and the ApplyEditsAsync() method would commit the changes that are made to the FeatureTable locally, then talk to the server and update them.

We noticed that there are two sets of GlobalIDs being added throughout the above process. AddFeatureAsync() would generate a set of GlobalID and ApplyEditsAsync() would generate another set, the one that generated by the ApplyEditsAsync() are the ones being used from the ArcGIS Online.

Our Question: Is there a way to allow us to add GlobalIDs manually by ourselves before adding the features to the service feature table? Or is there are way to allow us preserve the GlobalID field that are generated from the AddFeatureAsync() so that they wouldn’t be overwritten by the ones generated by ApplyEditsAsync()?



Your time is much appreciated!