geoprocessing tool output to geometry object in for loop

Discussion created by cdevenish on Feb 13, 2011
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I'm new to python (and programming in general), in a script I want to loop through a feature class, use a geoprocessing tool on each row, and access the area of the new (temporary features) created by the tool. 

On the help pages for the geometry object, it states that a blank object can be created for temporary output, for example:

workspace = ".../file.gdb"
testShape = ".../test_graphics"
dBufDis = -10

g = arcpy.Geometry()
geometryList = arcpy.Buffer_analysis(testShape, g, dBufDis)
for geometry in geometryList:
    print geometry.area

The above works on my test shape and I get a list of areas of the new buffers, however, I want to put the geoprocessing tool into a loop something like this:

rows = arcpy.SearchCursor(testShape)

for row in rows:
    g = arcpy.Geometry() 
    rowShape = row.getValue(shapeName)
    arcpy.Buffer_analysis(rowShape, g, dBufDis)

and then access the area for each row, but this is where I can't seem to get to the area property of the temporary geoprocessing output. Why doesn't "g.area" return the area? If .area is a property of the geometry object? Hasn't g been "populated" by the output of the processing tool for each row?

Thanks for any help.