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Access survey data via web map - how to?

Question asked by j.biendaraconterra-de-esridist Employee on Sep 6, 2018
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I’ve created and published a simple survey form with two levels of repeat blocks (see attached xls). After the publication of the form I captured a single survey with two records/images on each repeat level and sent it to the data store.


As a next step I created a web map that includes the survey feature layer and association tables. On the map I can see and query my geopoint object, it is also visible in the data table (screenshot 1 in Word document). I can also see that both top level repeats do have two records each. But I cannot access these associated records.


Case 1

When I click the “Show” link for the JBI_Repeat_repeat_1 (-> the repeat images), the table section of the web map changes to display “JBI Repeat” (screenshot 2). Still, my single feature with top level name “JBI 1” is selected and shows that it has two associated records but the associated records are not listed. Moreover, there is no way to get back to the original feature layer table. I have to click “Hide Table” and “Show Table” to get back to my feature table.


Case 2

When I click the “Show” link for the JBI_Repeat_repeat_2 (-> the repeat group), the table section of the web map again changes to display “JBI Repeat” (screenshot 3). In addition it shows the “repeat_2” table that has two records (as stated in the title bar) but the table is empty.


Similar problems arise when using the pop-up for navigation (screenshot 4).


Case 3

“Show Related Records” for repeat_1 shows the two existing records listed (screenshot 5). At least here I can access the images (screenshot 6), but again the “JBI_Repeat_repeat_1” records are a dead end (Screenshot 7) with no way back to the previous table display.


Case 4

The same is for “Show Related Records” for repeat_2 – only dead ends (screenshots 8 to 10).





Basically, I want to access the entire data in an easy way and as directly as possible via my web map (without much navigation through “Show” links). Is there a way to do this? (An optimal way would be to have direct access to all records and images from the feature pop-up, regardless on which association level they reside.)



Why aren’t the existing records displayed on all levels of the data model as can be seen in screenshots 2 and 3? Or, in other words, why do the “Show” links lead to dead ends in most cases?



When in a dead end (like in screenshot 2), how can I navigate back to the previous table display?


Thank you very much, best regards,