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How to add the ability to pulse/flash a feature class when hovering within a pre-configured distance

Question asked by Scott.Hansen@maryland.gov_maryland on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2018 by rscheitlin

I am looking for the ability to hover over a feature class and for that feature class to pulse or flicker.

I have a statewide layer consisting of transit station areas (half-mile buffer from transit station) and Census block groups. In the past I would have these layers loaded in my map and the user could turn all of them on or off. I configured the feature class to appear at a specific zoom extent, but this isn't a great user experience. For starters, anyone that lives in an urban may know that transit stops can be located close together and corresponding station area buffers and Census Block may overlap. A user may accidentally select several locations within close proximity.  I would like a user to be able to hover on a single station and immediately see a pulsing half-mile station area buffer as well as all of the Census block groups which intersect that buffer. Attached is an example of the 2 feature classes and how they appear on a static thematic map. Your help is greatly appreciated.