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In ArcGIS iOS, can callouts display dynamically changing data?

Question asked by mmhorii on Sep 1, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by mmhorii

I'm developing an app using version 100.2.1 of the ArcGIS iOS SDK. From my testing using simple (non-custom) callouts, it appears that the callout can only display static data while the callout is being shown. Is there a way to have a callout display real-time data that changes while the callout is open, for either non-custom or custom callouts? 


For example, suppose a user taps on a stock symbol, causing a callout to open. The callout displays a stock's current price, and the price changes while the callout is open. It would be great if the user could see the new price and not worry that the information is stale. Can the callout be made to update its display to reflect the changing stock price in this scenario?