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Distortion in the 'Basin' GP Tool raster output

Question asked by azaleakamellia on Aug 29, 2018

I was trying out the procedure to delineate watershed using series of geoprocessing tools in ArcMap 10.5.1. Everything seems to go exceedingly well that I was a little afraid of the degree of hitch that will pop up. Et voila! This (please refer to the screenshot attached below). 


I tried generating a raster delineating all drainage basins using the 'Basin' geoprocessing tool with the 'Flow Direction' raster output as the input. The result is perfect except for the 'barcode'-like distortion I have there. I thought that it was a glitch, so I test out every single step from the beginning but still get this output. This makes converting the raster to polygon **** of a problem. Below I have outlined what I did prior to the result:

  1. Use SRTM DEM downloaded from NASA Earthdata site. 
    • Projected the raster from GCS WGS 1984 to Timbalai 1948 RSO Borneo Meters (WKID29873)
  2. Run the 'Fill' GP tool to fill in the possible sinks in the DEM
    • Input raster: reprojected DEM raster ('Project Raster' GP tool output)
  3. Determine and generate the raster for the flow of water in each cells using the 'Flow Direction' GP tool
    • Input raster: 'Fill' GP tool raster output
  4. Create a raster delineating all drainage basin using the 'Basin' GP tool
    • Input raster: 'Flow Direction' GP tool raster output


If any of you guys have experienced this problem before and know the probable cause (and workaround of course), your two cents would be awesome. 


P/S: I only have 'Spatial Analyst' and '3D Analyst' extension installed. No ArcSWAT or ArcHydro.