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Add attributes from a ploygon feature to a point feature based on location?

Question asked by dromeyn on Aug 24, 2018
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Hello,  Not sure what to call this process so let me see if I can describe it.  I have 10+ polygons lets call them pastures and it has a field in the attribute table called pasture name.  Now I have a point shapefile that has 50+ points laying within each of those pastures and I have a field in the attribute table called pastures as well.  Is there a quick way to auto fill the point features pasture field based on its location within a pasture.  Basically, if this point falls within this pasture fill that field with this pasture name.  I am just trying to avoid doing this manually and selecting each point by pasture and manually putting in the pasture name.  I have basic ArcMap and spatial analyst extension.