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Error User Unable to Reach Feature Service

Question asked by mjk5000 on Aug 23, 2018

We have one user that is unable to add a feature service connection in Both ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap.  This user IS able to put the Feature Service URL in Chrome and get to the Feature Service successfully, but is unable to connect via the desktop applications and creating a New ArcGIS Server Connection.  Our users on our network require not credentials and this has worked for hundreds of other users.  Our network and windows personal are unable to find an issue with this user.  


In ArcMap the user receives an error about proxy server got bad address from remote server.  ArcGIS Pro times out or is saying that the Server took too long to answer (Status Code 28).   


We have tried reinstaling Pro, but didn't work either.  Any suggestions or reasoning behind the URL working in Chrome and not the Thick clients