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Subtype not updating after edit in Inspector

Question asked by cgormanesri-ca-esridist Employee on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by cgormanesri-ca-esridist

Is there a bug in the Inspector class that stops a Subtype update on a new record?


I have a custom panel which uses an Inspector embedded control. The Inspector is set up as follows, with a clear and schema load, as this process if for creating a new record.




Upon modifying the Subtype of the record, adding some attribute values, and attempting to save the new record as follows:


EditOperation editOp = new EditOperation();

editOp.Name = "Road Name Create";
editOp.Create(inspector.MapMember, inspector);


I received an error back that the EditOperation failed due to failing on an Attribute Constraint for another Subtype. It seems after load the Inspector hangs on to the default Subtype, even if it is changed in the Inspector.


Disqualified Subtype Attribute Rule Message


The Inspector looks as follows when initially loaded using LoadSchema():


Default Schema Inspector


Then it is modified to change the Subtype, and add attributes:


Updated Subtype and Attributes


In the debugger, the Attribute for the Subtype shows the Subtype code for Available:


Debugger shows Subtype updated


And here is the Subtype definitions:


Subtype Definitions