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Map Series creating unwanted lines when exported to PDF and printed

Question asked by bargar on Aug 22, 2018
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I am having an issue with ArcGIS Pro 2.2.0.  I created a map series to follow along a preferred and alternate route for a transmission line.  When I export this to a PDF everything appears fine (see first image), however, when I print the PDF, extra unwanted lines are added (see second image).


I have tried just about every export option imaginable (ArcGIS Pro does not have many export options).  From the PDF, if I check the "Print As Image" option in the advanced print settings, the line does not appear.  However this is not an option because we also docket these PDFs and need to make sure this doesn't happen in case anyone from the public tries to print these maps.


Note: This specifically seems to be happening with Map Series exports only.  I used the same Feature Class for an Overview Map and when that is exported to PDF and printed, no additional lines appear.


2nd note: Extra lines are not added when printed directly from ArcGIS pro, so perhaps this is more of an Adobe PDF issue.  But again, printed directly from Pro is not an option, as we need to files these in our docket as PDFs.
PDF (before print)PDF (after print)