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Sync Error - An error occurred while synchronizing edits - Operation Rollback

Question asked by jvarasanz on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by deleted-user-J5uS64sC7pwm

We are having issues with an offline collector web map. Users will basically have to drop a point in the map, answer four simple questions, and attached anywhere from 1 to 6 pictures.


One of our users has contacted us reporting that he is getting the following error: "Sync Error - An error occurred while synchronizing edits - Operation Rollback". Please note this user has been successfully submitting data in the past using the same web map.


We've tried updating the settings so to Push Only data recently entered, but same issue when trying to sync the information. Preferred attachment size is already set to large, so no changes here.


I've searched for similar threads, but it looks like no potential solution is in place other than recovering the data from the device. Our alternative is input the data directly on AGOL and attached the pictures there. However, this doesn't sound like a good workflow if we continue to get the same error over time.


Any suggestions or solutions will be highly appreciated.