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Regarding use of (misleading) words in App Studio: “Clear Cache”

Question asked by jesperfngeoinfo-dk-esridist Employee on Aug 14, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by ESoekianto-esristaff

In the App Studio app/template I want to suggest altering the use of “Clear Cache”


It is my experience from customer feedback that “normal” users (none IT-people) don’t understand what “Clear Cache” means. Would you therefor consider altering it to for example “Update App” – or something else more meaningful?


The core issue is that end users (the ‘normal’ people)will refrain from clicking Clear Cache as it indicates you are deleting all the maps in the app. Thereby missing out when the app is updated

It could also be a transalation issue.


The attached screenshots shows the path. It is in Danish: “Clear Cache” is “Ryd Cache”. This App Studio is based on a Story Map Tour as template.


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Jesper Fogt Nielsen