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ArcGIS Solutions - Stormwater Editor

Question asked by jtomlin_MartinsburgSWM on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by jtomlin_MartinsburgSWM

I am working in stormwater management for a small city in WV trying to leverage the ArcGIS Solutions, specifically the Stormwater Editor, to accomplish the integration between past data and data being collected now. I had no issues deploying the solution and configuration seemed straight forward except for a few issues: 


1. When creating codes to use for a drop down selection in Arc Online, the solution uses "0" as the beginning index. Example "0=Unknown, 1=Our Agency, 2=Other" or some such thing. When I go to EDIT or ADD any list with an index of "0", I am not able to save the list. I have to change the index to start at "1" in order to configure the layer. 


2. Once I have added the fields and domains for my organization, a few errors started to show themselves throughout the different apps: In Explorer for  iPad, two of my layers have JSON errors and do not render. The layers work fine in Collector, browser, ArcPro. I am not using Date fields for rendering and I do not have any empty "codedValue []" lines in the JSON code (the two errors I see commonly causing that issue.


3. After configuring the Solution and using Field Mapping to Append my data to the Hosted Layer, I seemed to have lost the ability to Edit the layer in the Web App. I am able to create a Web Map and a Web App from the hosted layer and it is editable, but only if I use a Template to create it, It will not be editable when building an app in the App Builder.


4. Finally, I changed the symbols for the Open Channel layer as well as added a few types to match the city's data. This made my Open Channel layer invisible, but still select able in the provided web map. I don't know how to "apply" the new template to the rest of the solution so the layer will show properly.


I know that is a lot of issues but any help in what I'm doing would be greatly appreciated. It seems that with all the configuration and creation, the Arc Solutions seem to be more work than if I had just built it from scratch.