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Installing Anaconda for Python 3.6 without wrecking Python 2.7

Question asked by jbridwell_Dewberry on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by jbridwell_Dewberry

Hey All- I have both Python 2.7 with ArcGIS 10.5 Desktop and Python 3.6 with ArcGIS Pro. A few weeks back, I tried to install Anaconda (w/ Conda, Spyder, Jupyter, etc..) and it somehow overwrote my system settings for Python 2.7 (as well as pip). I noticed that I could no longer use pip or import stuff in 2.7. I uninstall Anaconda and the updated version of pip (it somehow updated the pip version) and everything in 2.7 worked again. Any suggestions on reinstalling Anaconda with wrecking my Python 2.7 development environment again?