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IIS Web Adaptor - port 6443 missing

Question asked by OBarrera_glendalegeo on Aug 9, 2018

In a single-machine deployment of Enterprise (10.5.1) what would be the cause for ArcGIS server to not bind port 6443 to the executable? This issue comes up when attempting to configure IIS web adaptor to ArcGIS server. SSL is enabled and proper SSL certs are  installed. This behaviour is strange given the fact that I was able to successfully configure the IIS Web connector to Portal for ArcGIS using port 7443. I have verified that the firewall allows traffic via port 6443 using a port listener tool that temporarily binds itself to port 6443 and running netstat to verify that the port is listening. I have also run a tasklist command to get the process id for ArcGISServer.exe and then ran netstat to identify the ports bound to it . Port 6099 is listed but no 6443.


What am I missing?