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ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 upgrade.  Why am I not seeing the 'Continue Server Upgrade' option?

Question asked by mbullesriuk-esridist Employee on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by dcoley

I am attempting an upgrade of an HA ArcGIS Enterprise deployment hosted in AWS. The initial environment was built using the Esri provided CloudFormation template v10.4.1. A system diagram can be found here:


The environment was subsequently upgraded manually to 10.5.1. I am now attempting to upgrade the environment to 10.6.1 however when I come to the upgrade ArcGIS Server section I am running into trouble. Following the instructions (see link below), I have upgraded the ArcGIS Server software on both machines in my site, however I do not see the 'Continue Server Upgrade' message when I log into server Manager,  as described in the instructions:


"Once authorized, ArcGIS Server Manager will automatically open. Click Continue Server Upgrade to complete the upgrade. You must use ArcGIS Server Manager on the local machine where you are running the upgrade to complete this step. You cannot Continue Server Upgrade through a Web Adaptor or load balancer".


To confirm, I have cleared my browser cache as instructed. I have also tried running the upgradeserver.bat -s command line equivalent but the message returned says that my site has already been upgraded. To a large extent the site is working as you would expect, however when I validate my federated server I see the below in the response:

Failed to start the Offline Packaging service in the hosting server with URL ''


I assume this a new service that has been added after 10.5.1 and hasn't been added to my site because it hasn't been through the 'Continue Server Upgrade' step. Is there anything I can do to force the upgrade?