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Strange behavior when working with tasks in ArcGIS Pro and C#

Question asked by carstena@geoinfo on Aug 9, 2018
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I've noticed something strange when developing a C# add-in for ArcGIS Pro.


I've created one task item with two task "inside".

I want to iterate through the list of tasks, like so:


var taskItem = Project.Current.GetItems<TaskProjectItem>().FirstOrDefault();

TaskItemInfo taskItemInfo = taskItem.GetTaskItemInfo(); // <-- This line is throwing the NullReferenceException

IEnumerable<TaskInfo> taskInfos = taskItemInfo.GetTasks();

foreach (TaskInfo taskInfo in taskInfos)

   // do something


But the 2nd line is throwing an exception. I don't understand why. I've actually taken the code from ArcGIS Pro 2.2 API Reference Guide with the same result. I don't get it. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated