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Getting the Survey123 data with C#.

Question asked by Drrott1 on Aug 6, 2018
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   Is there a way to get the Survey123 data with a C# application. I have been able to get the survey data through python scripting but I would like to bring that all inside an application I have been developing. I currently run the scrips then open up Arcgis and extract the images out with a tag to the survey it's tied to. I then copy a CSV and images over to a shared drive so everyone using the application can connect. 


   I currently connect to a database for several tables that Arcgis is using but have found the survey data isn't stored there itself. I saw another post with something similar I couldn't work out a way to connect. I either got an invalid token or an invalid URL. 


   I would appreciate any advice, I might be event going about the problem all wrong.